Okay, a friend encouraged me to do this, so I figured I would. I’m a nerdfighter, I love John Green and the vlogbrothers. And while I generally frown upon putting stuff in tags that don’t belong there, I also really hate asking for help, so I guess we’re gonna break two rules with one stone here and muster the Rohirrim, because Nerdfighters is a community full of people who help each other, right?

So, here’s the thing, I’m from a part of the country that was hit hard by the economy and has just now even started to recover, which means I haven’t been able to find a job. But I just got accepted to my dream school at the University of Newcastle… IN AUSTRALIA. Think of this… I’m a small town girl from Tennessee and I’ve just gotten the chance to do something AMAZING with my life, a chance to take my first step towards my dreams! But, wait… I don’t have enough money for the deposit fee and my parents are working their asses off at jobs they hate just to make ends meet and I can’t find a job and my dream is knocking on the door and I need to answer it because this opportunity may not come again. So… this is where my troubles lie.

My cousin found this great site called GoFundMe and we decided that it would be great to start a fundraiser on there to help me with my deposit fee. I’ve seen people of Tumblr come together for other people of Tumblr before, I’ve helped those people, and now I’m one of those people who needs help too.

And before you think, “This is really sketchy, she’s not at all working for her education.” Not true, I totally am. I have a cosigner for my student loans, I’m being given the option of payment plans at my school, and I just recently interviewed for a really great job at a really great place that went really well, so I’m hoping to get the call back from them soon. And my parents and other members of my family have said they’re going to help as much as they can throughout the entirety of my education to help me escape with the minimum amount of debt that I can escape with. I’d like to have a chance at life without having to mortgage out my internal organs, I think that’s an understandable emotion (Feeling? Thought process?). 

So, I’m going to tag this with all my fandoms and hope that people read this and are kind about it instead of hateful, even if they don’t agree with it. SO, HERE’S THE LINK TO MY FUNDRAISER and thank you so much for reading all this, I’d be really appreciative if you wouldn’t mind reblogging also.

Again, I really hate asking for help, not because I think help is weak but because I’ve always felt unworthy of it. But… desperate times call for desperate measures.

I really hate to use this account for this, even when I haven’t really used this account at all. But desperate times call for desperate measures and I was hoping that maybe some of my followers on here wouldn’t mind reblogging this? It would mean a lot! Thanks!!

Okay, here’s the deal…

It’s very obvious this blog hasn’t been very active. And lately it’s gotten even worse, it’s not even a thought in my mind. I’ve been sick and stressed out and I’m trying to get back into school. This has all taken a toll on my body and my mind and I don’t really have much time to take care of myself, much less a blog. At the end of the day, I just want my boyfriend and a cup of tea.

Hopefully within the next few months I can start actually giving this blog the proper attention it deserves, especially with the elections coming up! Until then, I’m on official hiatus until I feel like I’ve found some kind of balance in every thing that I can actually care for this blog the way it deserves. If it comes to me feeling like I can’t, I’ll just delete. I’m not entirely sure yet.

Thank you to everybody who has followed and sent messages and whatnot. You guys are great! 


Heute ist Tag der Deutschen Einheit!


= Today is the Day of German Unity! 

It is the national day of Germany and also a public holiday. The day serves to remember 3 October 1990 - the day when what you might informally know as East and West Germany (Deutsche Demokratische Republik and Bundesrepublik Deutschland) became one.

Other than many other nations we don’t celebrate our national day a lot here. Most Germans don’t do anything special on this day to be honest, so it’s really nothing you could compare to the American Fourth of July for example. But hey, at least that’s what Google looks like for us today:

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A top-secret Nazi war dossier has come to light which reveals Hitler’s chilling plans to invade Ireland during the Second World War.

The document contains detailed maps and postcards of the country and has been kept by a family out of public view since the end of war.

And it reveals that even though Ireland was officially neutral during the conflict, Hitler still viewed the country as a target for invasion.

The Irish allowed German U-boats and submarines into their waters during the Second World War, but the booklet entitled Militargeographische Angaben uber Irland pinpoints key cities and other sites in Ireland for destruction.


Generalmajor Herrmann Karl Robert “Henning” von Tresckow (January 10, 1901 – July 21, 1944) was a Major General in the German Wehrmacht who organized German resistance against Adolf Hitler. He attempted to assassinate Hitler in March 1943 and drafted the Valkyrie plan for a coup against the German government. He was described by the Gestapo as the “prime mover” and the “evil spirit” behind the July 20 plot to assassinate Hitler. He committed suicide on the Eastern Front upon the plot’s failure.
Although he was initially an enthusiastic supporter of Nazism due to its opposition to the Treaty of Versailles, he was quickly disillusioned by 1934 when Schutzstaffel (SS) extrajudicially murdered many SA leaders and political opponents including two generals in the Night of the Long Knives. The events of the 1930s, such as the 1938 Blomberg–Fritsch Affair, further strengthened his antipathy against the Nazis. He regarded the Kristallnacht (state-sanctioned, nationwide pogrom of Jews) as personal humiliation and degradation of civilization. He thus sought out civilians and officers who opposed Hitler, such as Erwin von Witzleben. Witzleben dissuaded Tresckow from resigning from the Army arguing that they would be needed when the day of reckoning came. By the summer of 1939, he told Fabian von Schlabrendorff, his cousin by marriage, that “both duty and honor demand from us that we should do our best to bring about the downfall of Hitler and National-Socialism in order to save Germany and Europe from barbarism.”
In the campaign against the Soviet Union, Tresckow started to resume his resistance activities with urgency. He was appalled by the Commissar Order, the treatment of Russian prisoners of war, and in particular the mass shootings of Jewish women and children by the Einsatzgruppen behind the lines. When he learned about the massacre of thousands of Jews at Borisov, Tresckow appealed passionately to Field Marshall Fedor von Bock:
“Never may such a thing happen again! Therefore we must act now. We have the power in Russia!”

“The whole world will vilify us now, but I am still totally convinced that we did the right thing. Hitler is the archenemy not only of Germany but of the world. When, in few hours’ time, I go before God to account for what I have done and left undone, I know I will be able to justify what I did in the struggle against Hitler. God promised Abraham that He would not destroy Sodom if just ten righteous men could be found in the city, and so I hope that for our sake God will not destroy Germany. No-one among us can complain about his death, for whoever joined our ranks put on the shirt of Nessus. A man’s moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to give up his life in defense of his convictions.”

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wayward-wonders asked: You've no reason to be sorry! Quality over quantity always and good god is the quality of the content great!

That’s so nice of you to say, dear! I just feel like I don’t post enough for you guys and it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I feel like my mind is always somewhere else. I promise I’ll try and write multiple things up and queue it all! <3

Was recommended by another German blog, which means I really need to get my shit together on this thing. So sorry, guys. I’m so, so sorry. 


The bloodstained coat of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, assassinated in 1914, triggering the First World War.

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Germany, 1570-1580
Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

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Public humiliation was often the go-to weapon of the Nazi Party to persuade the public to follow their ideals. This woman here was shamed and punished publicily for having a relationship with someone the State considered untermensch, or subhuman—most likely Jewish.

After this photograph was taken, the officials most likely shaved her head and stripped her to her undergarments. Coincidentally, the resistance factions of the French and Dutch would take this very far-Right punishment and use it on their own countrymen who had either collaborated with their German occupiers or slept with them.